iPhone Application eCommerce FAQs

Do I have to be an Apple Developer

No you do not have to be an Apple Developer to have an app in the iTunes App store, however if you are not a developer then we (enflexion PTY LTD) will be listed as the developer of the application.

If you would like to be listed as the developer of the application Ė this is relevant for Florists where we sell to many customers in the same industry we can assist you with signing up. There is a yearly fee of $99 charged by Apple.

Will the app work on Android, Blackberry etc

No, the app is for iPhones and iOS only

Are there ongoing costs?

Not from Apple, however you will still have to pay for your normal website web hosting and support on our Innovator monthly fee.

You may also have other costs associated with your specific app for items such as Notifications. However these will be fully outlined before commencement of your project.

Do I have to have my website through enflexion / flower store in a box

Yes, our iPhone application for ecommerce is only available as a component of Sliced Bread by enflexion.

How do we update the Application?

This depends on what you wish to update, if you are updating products and pricing etc this will automatically be pushed to the App, if you are updating functionality etc then this must be done through enflexion. And a new version of the App submitted to the App Store.

How long will it take Apple to approve the Application

This is very dependant we have had applications approved in three days and others in two weeks.

What happens if there is a bug?

This will depend on when the bug is found, if it is after the warranty period then any future work require payment and most likely a new version submitted to Apple. If itís within the warranty period we will identify if itís a bug and fix appropriately.

Who provides end user support for the application?

You provide end user support for your customers.

Who owns the App?

The software and code are owned by enflexion, content is owned by you. Unless a specific Intellectual contract has been signed by both parties.

Will the App work on all future iOS versions?

No, as we donít know what iOS tricks may be in future version we cannot guarantee that your app will work seamlessly. Apple however has a history of making iOSís that are backwards compatible for applications so itís unlikely that your application would stop working.

When I update a product on my website will it be automatically updated on the app?

Yes, your product catalogue and content pages linked in the app are all integrated between your website and your application.

Can I have extra functionality built?

Yes of course and we aremore than happy to discuss additional features and quote you for these.