IPhone Application License

The legal entity for all iPhone application development is enflexion PTY LTD.

The licenses grant the client the installation and use of the iPhone application for one company or distribution. The license is not transferable and the all computer code and intellectual property in the application software remains with enflexion PTY LTD. Acceptance of enflexion's standard software licenses terms and conditions is expected.

Software licensing including code developed by enflexion for clients is fully owned by enflexion.

Unless otherwise stated in writing by enflexion, enflexion does not provide support for products, software or websites unless:

  • The Support Contract is included in the project price;
  • You are using enflexion web hosting, however only enflexion's software and work is supported no third party application is supported;
  • You have a valid support contract with enflexion;

Whilst enflexion strives to ensure that your application and software are free from bugs we do not warrant that under all circumstances the software will work. By payment of your final invoice you are warranting that you accept the software / website as working correctly from that date and your warranty period of 30 days commences.

enflexion only warrants that your application will work with the current and past iOS versions.

The warranty on the application will expire 30 days after the application has been accepted by Apple.

enflexion is not responsible if Apple in the future rejects your application for any reason.

enflexion will fix bugs with the application identified before teh 30 day warranty period is due.

If you do not wish enflexion to be listed as the developer you must sign up as an Apple Developer and accept their Terms and Conditions.

This contract is subject to the laws of NSWAustralia.