Whilst every design is unique we tend to sell packaged website solutions so you know what you are getting. We offer three distinct website packages for you to choose from in addition to our custom services.

Choosing a Package Solution -

Choosing a website solution package can be difficult, especially with the myriad of choices available.  To help make it easier for you to choose which package is going to be best for you we have developed a small checklist of questions.  Use this checklist to help identify your needs or talk to an enflexion consultant now on 1300 730 560 to discuss a solution that meets your needs!

There are three main choices when choosing the correct package

  • Budget
  • Functionality Required
  • Amount and type of Content

1 - Choose Your Budget

It may seem a no brainer but your budget must be realistic in what you want to get for your money.  After all you cannot buy a Ferrari for the price of an entry level Ford!

2 - Choose the functionality

If your website is a brochure of your services and products and you do not want to sell online then you do not need an eCommerce website.  If however you do intend to sell online you will need an ecommerce package.  The question then is how deep do you wish to go with the customer engagement. 

3 - Mobile / Mobile App / Social Media Integration

If you want to have maxium engagement with your customers you will want to extend to having your own mobile applications such as iPad, iPhone and Android Apps.

With any of our package solutions we need to tailer it to your exact needs o why not get us to give you a no obligation quote?

Google Integration

All of our website integrate fully with Google and in particular:

  • Google Analytics - For analysing how people use and find your website
  • Google Webmaster - For managing your site's SEO and other important features
  • Google Shopping - For our eCommerce websites we provide Google Shopping product data fields.


We provide ongoing Telephone and email support for all of our customers using our website dashboard.