Search Engine Optimisation —

There's no point in having a website that can't be found in google!

Search Engine Optimisation -

Having a well designed website is only the first step in making sure your website is successful, the ongoing most important step is to attract customers to your site. enflexion has considerable experience in assisting businesses Search Engine Optimise your website.

There are three common ways of promoting your website and attracting customers:

1 - Google Adwords

Where you pay for advertising in the sponsored links at the very top and side of Google search results.

2 - Organic Searches

These are the FREE listings that are returned by search engines such as Google when users do a search.

3 - Other offline advertising

Local newspaper, Yellow Pages, In Store Adverts, Cross Promotion Activities etc.

The most effective long term way to attract new customers to your website is through Search Engine Optimisation.

For a brand new website Search Engine Optimisation is certainly required as your website needs to be ‘promoted online’ quite heavily. enflexion can help assist you in identifying the most cost effective SEO and marketing for your new website.