Sliced Bread Overview

A website dashboard CMS for managing your website built for business people not geeks

Website CMS -

Sliced Bread is a seriously easy to use website content management solution. Called Sliced Bread because we believe it's the best thing since sliced bread for managing your website.

The Sliced Bread Dashboard allows you to easily:

  • Add new web pages
  • Edit web pages
  • Upload new files
  • Upload and publish images
  • Manage a professional website with limited technical knowldege

1 - No Software Required

And it does all this from a standard computer with a web browser and an internet connection. The software sits on your web server so there is no download or software for your own computer, which means you can change your website content from almost anywhere in the world. With Sliced Bread you can have a professional website that multiple people can manage without worrying about consistency between pages or sections.

2 - Modular Templates

Sliced Bread uses a modular template approach so if you add a new press release to the marketing section, it automatically gets listed with the rest of the releases and uses the same template for the page! All you need to do is enter the content of the page and press Publish!

3 - Minimal Training Required

With Sliced Bread any person who knows how to surf the web and use a word processer can become an expert with Sliced Bread in minutes.

  • There are no complex list of web pages;
  • You see your website in Sliced Bread almost exactly as your customers do;
  • Just Surf to the webpage you want to edit, hit the edit button and change the content!