Our Mission & Philosophy


Our Mission is to enable organisations to effectively interact with their stakeholders through applications, portals and websites

With the purpose of increasing their competitive advantage and Return on Investment (ROI). We do not believe that the web should be hard to use or have websites that don't offer what people want. enflexion stands out from the crowd of web designers, because we offer so much more in experience and actual delivery of results.  A lot of people have web design skills, but they lack the holistic approach enflexion provides.

Our approach brings together:

  • Communication
  • Design
  • Technology
  • Business Management & Consulting

This allows us to cover all aspects of your website, not just the way it looks but the more important aspect of how it achieves your business objectives!  Where we really stand out from the crowd is our ability to help you identify what your goals are then find a way to cost effectively achieve them through the Internet.  We are not afraid of telling you the truth and suggesting a better approach if we believe a cheaper alternative is available, after all out strength lies in your happiness with our service.