iPad eCommerce Application

Over 50% of future online shopping is targeted to occur on tablets with the iPad being the leader!

Consumers are demanding seamless mobile shopping

Consumers no longer use a single device when purchasing products instead they use up to 3 devices, such as a mobile phone, tablet and traditional PC.  One of the key reasons they use multiple devices is the website does not give them the experience they want.

With an iPad app extension of your eCommerce website your customers have the benefit of having a custom built portal to your online shop in the easy to use native environment of their App.

The iPad Ecommerce App provides:

Full product catalogue from your website - always updated
Easy to view, search and add products to a shopping cart
Streamlined checkout process that makes it easy for a customer to complete the transaction
All in your own iPad app downloadable from the iTunes App store.

screenshots of urban 

Don't have an enflexion website?

That's ok you can still have an iPad eCommerce Application  and you can use our website dashboard to manage it.  We can even grab your products through a product feed like the Getprice, my shopping or google feeds.

Why Choose enflexion for your App?

  • The framework is pre-built and tested so it's cheaper than developing from scratch
  • We have loads of customers already using the App so we know what works.
  • We have over 12 years experience

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