Urban Flower

How we created a highly refined and extremely successful end to end ecommerce solution tailored to the mobile revolution.

1 - Background

Having tried many different web designers, Urban Flower’s owner Winston Jeffrey discovered ironing out bugs with them was arduous. Business also suffered from fly-by-night operations shutting shop on him, leaving him stranded. Then Winston saw a customisable online site especially for florists which enflexion created under sub-brand, Flower Store in a Box (FSIAB). The pre-packaged offering serving his niche instantly piqued his interest.

2 - Objective

Looking for reliable, affordable and innovative design to get sales in safely and securely, Winston was also looking for an innovative approach to develop his online presence, increase business and maximise sales.

Urban Flower Website Urban Flowers

3 - Outcome

Initially choosing a starter site, Winston has progressively upgraded to a customised site complete with telephone ordering system, mobile interface and iPhone application. Urban Flower has been able to grow into the system’s enhanced features as they’ve increased business. This has been enhanced by the site’s features.

The main advantage for Winston was that it didn’t take long to build to a premium site, due to increased online sales and a cohesive collaboration with enflexion. Winston loves having a seamless system that gets considerable customer response, as they respond positively to the professional look, feel and ease of use. ‘We’ve never had a complaint about the function of the site,’ Winston says, ‘It’s very natural for our customers, and there are never any complaints from them about navigation or processing orders. It’s very easy, very natural.’

Winston also appreciates being empowered to update the site, can easily change and has lots of control over the content. Updating the structure, look and feel has been seamless, quick and professional.

Asked for advice he’d give advice other florists Winston says, ‘if you want an online presence, then start with a FSIAB starter site, then upgrade as your business grows. It’s a very affordable way to build your online presence as a small to medium sized.’

And as for the working relationship with enflexion? They’ve become more a trusted partner than a developer. ‘Drew’s been very flexible with any changes or updating of the site. I think of enflexion not as a website provider, but more of a business partner.’ Quote Winston Jeffrey.

4 - Technology

  • Website
  • eCommerce
  • iPhone App
  • iPad App
  • End to End
  • Social Media Integration
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Sliced Bread CMS
Urban Flowers website with multiple screens