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How we created a highly refined and extremely successful end to end ecommerce solution tailored to the mobile revolution.

1 - Background

Super Discount Supplements were recommended to enflexion by channel partner Keith Ready from Keith Ready Consulting Services, who himself was a longtime advocate of enflexion, having worked with Drew and the team on a top tier floral eCommerce client.

2 - Objectives

With other vitamin players dominating the Australian online marketplace with no website, Super Discount Vitamins wanted a cut through solution to build their online sales, plus increase traffic to their physical stores.

Super Discount Supplements Super Discount Supplements

3 - Outcome

Since coming on board with a website in August 2011 Super Discount Vitamins have experienced considerable growth with both their online and in-store business. The online presence, iPhone application and social media integration have opened up a whole new channel of business for Super Discount Vitamins.

The site has added awareness to their three physical stores which in turn have enhanced the credibility of the site. Site visitors are reassured by the store’s street addresses rather than an anonymous postal box, giving a brick and mortar reality to the streamlined online presence.

Super Discount Vitamins have also gained a closer relationship with their suppliers and enhanced accessibility for their customers. A big contributor to these advantages have been the integrated social media strategy. The Facebook fan page in particular is steadily building an even greater community around Super Discount Vitamins’ loyal fan base who easily and enthusiastically share their purchases at competitive prices on social media platforms. In fact, Super Discount Vitamins have received many written and phone testimonials from customers impressed by the ease and simplicity of the site. Added to this Super Discount Supplements also ‘get’ ecommerce from a fulfillment perspective: picking and packing within 24 hours of receiving the order, so the shipment is in the customers hands as soon as possible.

A large part of Super Discount Vitamins’ success has been their willingness to adopt cutting edge technology, being one of the earliest adopters in their market to have an iPhone application. They were also willing to take on board enflexion’s suggestions for their mobile commerce and online presence. So much so that along with Keith Ready, enflexion are now considered an integral part of their online marketing arm; a marketing department within the firm.

This is testament to the long term relationships both Super Discount Vitamins and enflexion value in this profitable and progressive ecommerce partnership.

4 - Technology

  • Website
  • eCommerce
  • iPhone App
  • End to End
  • Social Media Intergration
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Sliced Bread CMS
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