Tip of the Month

If you think you might be losing emails or you know people are sending you emails have you looked in your Junk Mail Folder?

If you use Microsoft Outlook there is a Junk Mail folder where lots of emails get dumped automatically without your knowledge. Unfortunately messages from Clients and friends often end up in the Junk Mail Folder too.junksmall

You can make sure that email from your trusted clients and colleagues never goes into the Junk Mail folder again by Clicking on the email message in the folder and then clicking the Not Junk Mail Button.

Then just choose “Always trust email from” and it’s all done!

Sliced Bread Content Management

Sliced Bread is a seriously easy to use website content management solution. Called Sliced Bread because we believe it’s the best thing since sliced bread for managing your website.

Sliced Bread allows you to easily:

  • Add new web pages;
  • Edit web pages;
  • Upload new files;
  • Upload and publish images;
  • Manage an entire professional website without fear of breaking it and limited technical knowldege

And it does all this from a standard computer with a web browser and an internet connection. The software sits on your web server so there is no screen_monitertwodownload or software for your own computer, which means you can change your website content from almost anywhere in the world.

With Sliced Bread you can have a professional website that multiple people can manage without worrying about consistency between pages or sections.

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