Protecting your personal brand with a website and domain name

Protecting your personal brand with a website and domain name

We don’t really think of our name as our brand, but we should pay more attention to the use of our name.

With the explosive growth of the Internet and the longevity of content online it’s important in these tough economic times that we protect our most important brand.

If someone wants to ‘look you up’ the first place people turn to is the Internet and search Google Facebook and MySpace.

But have you Googled your name recently?

If the first search result (and the first ten) is not something favorable, how badly does that reflect on you?

In recent research more than 80% of recruiters and potential bosses use the Internet to do background checks on potential job candidates.

The best way to protect your brand is to have you own personal website where you control the content. Then with a bit of Search Engine Optimisation the first search result in Google should be your own website.

In addition you should also use your own email address for all personal related email. Like myself I have a personal website to protect my brand:

I also have a personal email address of drew @ that I use for my personal emails so my personal and work lives are kept separate.

Limit public access to your social networking sites

More and more recruitment companies are using searches of Myspace and Facebook as a valid way to find out more details about candidates for roles. Recent research has found that candidates for jobs are being knocked back after recruiters found information on the Social Networking websites.

You should mark your profiles on any of the social networking sites as private and only make them available for your friends.

Other Websites to join

There are a wealth of professional networking websites that you should join and have an active profile. The two most popular are:

Both of these sites offer excellent business networking opportunities and are free to join and create a profile.

Multiple Online Personalities

More and more people have separate online personalities also known as Avatars. These are used for different purposes. It’s also very good to keep your different interests separate from your ‘professional brand’.

If you post of a comment on a blog, website or online forum using your own name, you are at risk of having this post made available through simple web searching.

Whilst you may think nothing of commenting on a photo of yourself at a party on Facebook, if you use your real name then this comment may be indexed by a search engine and available for all to find.

That review you post on a site like can also be searched and if you use your real name can end up in the vast databanks of Google too.

The best way of managing your identities is to have a separate email address and nickname for all of your personal pursuits and keep this separate from your work and ‘professional brand name’.

It’s not uncommon for companies to have specific email policies that request you do not use your company email address when posting to blogs or websites unless it is work related.

 Protect Your band and get a personal website and domain name

Protect your most important brand, your won name with a professional website and domain name from

When you purchase a personal website with enflexion you will get:

  • A professionally design website customized to your needs
  • Your name as a domain name (subject to availability as a .com);- eg:

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  • Blog and blogger account so you can post blogs to your new website
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We will customize the site for you with your own photos, color scheme and other changes.

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