Introduction To The Different Types Of Facebook Ads

Like BoardOne of the most used social media sites is Facebook. They are one of the leaders in their industry because they have over a billion active users accessing their accounts monthly. Facebook has released Product Ads that are easy to set up and will help ecommerce businesses grow their business and client base. Product ads have been designed for businesses to target their ads more effectively. Facebook’s latest ad unit will allow businesses to target their distinct audience. It also allows users to upload their products or entire catalog of products.

Who Can Create Ads?

Ads can be created by any Facebook user. In order to utilize the most out of the product ads, you should create a Facebook page if you haven’t done so already. Once the Facebook page is created then attach it to your product ads. By attaching the ads to your Facebook page it will allow you to have more options for product placing and different ad types when designing your ad.

Where Can You Advertise On Facebook

Facebook gives users the choice of where you can place your advertising. You can choose to place your ad on one location or choose to place it on all of them. Some of the ad choices are mobile ads, desktop ads and they can include sidebar ads and news feed ads. Mobile ads are great for people that are always using their phones. These users have a higher click through rate than the desktop users. If you are going to choose this type of product ad then it is important to have your website participate in mobile friendly checkout service.

Advertising in Facebook

Product placing with the desktop ads offers the users 2 choices. The first choice is the sidebar ad and anyone can choose to advertise with this feature because you do not need a Facebook page. With the news feed ad feature you do need to have a Facebook page and it impacts are more impressionable than sidebar ads. Product ads can also now be placed in mobile apps.

Different Types Of Facebook Ads

Page Post Ads

Facebook requires ad placers to have a Facebook page. These ads can be links posts or photo posts that can be created by a status update.

Page Promotional Adverts

Multi Product/Carousel Ads

This ad choice allows users to showcase more than one product or an entire catalog of products or services.

Product Carousel

Page Post Video Ad

These videos automatically play when a user scrolls through their page. These ads are muted and the user has to unmute it to hear the content of the video.

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Built around user activity, it will highlight a Facebook user’s action (a like, share, or comment). It will then be showed to their friends when they share it. It can only reach the friends that are associated with that user’s page and cannot be targeted to a specific audience.

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Outcome For Facebook Ads

Product ads allow you to choose your target audience and you can bid on the cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) or choose cost per click (CPC). You can choose to be very specific with your targeted audience. For example if you are a florist then you might want to target women and men from age 20 to 50.

The product ads can also be more specific with your targeted audience if you are located in New York city then search for those women in that particular city. Also you can choose to gear your ads around the specific holidays for that targeted audience.

For example in April and May you may want to promote appealing flower arrangements to the targeted audience for the Mother’s Day holiday. The florist is now targeting products that they are aiming to sell.

If an ecommerce business chooses to advertise sponsored posts their goal might be to get people to like the products or services that are offered and visit the website. There are countless ecommerce businesses that are already highly successful using product ads.