Data Centre Migration

On Sunday morning the 24th of January we will be moving our servers to a new data centre, Equinix a world leading Data centre.

The new data centre is regarded as one of Australia’s best and is located in the light industrial suburb of Mascot in Sydney. For more information about the data centre you can visit their website here:

The data centre is shared by companies such as Spotifty, Amazon, Foursquare, Trivago and many top financial and other institutions.

The new data centre will provide better power and connectivity to the internet so we will even even better up time.

We have answered some of the most common questions about the move below. If however you have any specific question please call our office line on 1300 730 560.

When is the changeover?
The changeover will occur between sometime between 1AM – 6Am Sydney local time on Sunday morning the 24th of January 2016

Will my website be affected?
Yes, your website will be offline during a short window of about 2 hours and work is being done to minimize the down time.

Will my email be affected?
If you have an email account with your hosting then yes your email will also be affected during this time period. Any email sent to the server during this time will likely “queue” in the sending mail server and then progressively be sent when the servers are back operational.

Will enflexion be checking each website?
Yes, once the servers have been moved and are back online we will be checking each website to ensure they are back up online and if you are an ecommerce website that transactions can be made.

What should I do?
On the morning of the 24th you should verify that your website is visible on the web and if there is an issue please call our office on 1300 730 560. Be aware that there could be network instability for several hours after the move as everything goes back to normal.

We maintain backups of our servers and each account from every morning and once a week so if we need to restore your website we can do so to a previous version.

Any other questions please call the enflexion office on 1300 730 560, otherwise I will email a reminder on the Friday before the move and then send another email after the servers have moved and have been tested.