Updated Site Software and Dashboard, Cloud Version 4

Announcing Cloud Version 4 Website Dashboard
Announcing Cloud Version 4 Website Dashboard

For the last six months we have been extremely busy writing an entirely new version of both our Content Management eCommerce Suite and our website management dashboard Myweblogin.

The new release will be known as Cloud Version 4 and we are moving the dashboard fully into the cloud so we can better deploy new features to our customer’s websites easily and with less fuss.

The new dashboard is fully mobile responsive compliant so you will be able to manage your website, ecommerce store and manage your orders from any desktop, mobile or tablet you choose.

This follows on from our rollout in May 2015 of the new Login, Help and Account functions on Myweblogin and is based on your feedback.

The internal dashboard design has been significantly updated with a clean consistent interface and new expanding navigation.

Internal Navigation

The main navigation is now split into 8 main areas:

My Website – where you can edit, add and delete web pages, images and files

Orders – all your orders, sales reports, run sheets and blocked delivery dates are here

Products – manage your products and product categories with loads of new features!

Telephone Order – we have now included the manual telephone ordering system so you can take orders and accept credit cards directly through your dashboard

Customers – managing your customers here

Marketing – you can send mass emails cerate coupons, create SEO landing pages, share your product data and much more

Settings – you can edit the settings of your website here, such as email addresses for orders, how products display, delivery options, ordering settings and more

Advanced Settings – these are the templates and advanced settings of your website if you need to get more involved.

Additional ecommerce features

In addition to moving the dashboard fully to the cloud we have added a huge amount of new features including:

  • Bulk Moving / updating / changing the status of orders
  • Send emails on in transit and when delivered
  • Email orders to people (and create lists of people you normally send orders to )
  • New Payment options including NAB, ANZ and Stripe
  • More advanced delivery cost calculations
  • In Store Pickup Options
  • Database of Common delivery location such as hospitals or Funeral Homes

And these are juts the start although not all features will be available for every package.

New product options

We have significantly increased the product features as well (not available for all packages) including:

  • Different images for each color option
  • Differ images for each price variation
  • Up to 8 different price points
  • Ability to include a recipe for the product to relay to other people
  • New category integration so the product can be in as many categories as you would like.

New ordering options

We have added in great new features for ordering as well (not all available for every package) including:

  • Different same day delivery cut off for each day of the week
  • Ability to block entire categories of products from being ordered (useful for Mothers day and Valentines Day)
  • Abandoned cart Notifications by email
  • More notifications customers on the status of their order.
  • Auto lookup of addresses against the Google Places database

These are all but a small selection of the new features that are being released with the Cloud Version 4 of our software. As we beta release the software we will provide more screenshots of the new and improved ecommerce and checkout as well over the coming weeks.

We anticipate that new customers will have the newest version by the end of November and we will start to deploy the version to our customers from December 2015. Unfortunately not all customers will be eligible for a free upgrade, those customers with highly customized checkout processes will need to contact enflexion to discuss upgrade options.



Are you at risk of bad SEO Advice?

Not a day goes by that I don’t get at least one spam email offering me SEO services for my website.

The emails pretty much all say the same thing:

The person has visited your website and there is a technical issue or other problem on your website.  Or they have have done a Google search and your website does not rank for keywords.Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 11.01.40 am Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 1.06.04 pm Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 4.31.00 pm

Ignore these emails they are spam

These are simply mass emails that are sent out to try and get business for these companies.  In many cases a bad SEO campaign can you do you much more harm than good.

  • Poor quality links can have you penalised by Google
  • Often these companies ask for your server login details which leaves your website wide open for hacking
  • There are no guarantees with SEO so if someone guarantees you a result you should move to the next SEO firm.

These days SEO is more than just building some links and padding out your page titles and headings, it’s about quality unique relevant content on every page of you website.  Unless your SEO team put in place a high quality content strategy they are not helping you but hindering.

Are you aware of the Google Changes for “Doorway” Pages and how they affect your website?

The last few weeks of SEO work for many has been focused on making sure that your site is mobile optimized for the most recent Google Change that was enacted on the 21st of April 2015. You have probably seen the countless articles in all the major newspapers on this change

You can read about it here

If your site is not mobile optimized it’s not too late to do so just contact our team on 1300 730 560 and we can assist.

Significant change to rankings of Doorway or Landing Pages

There is however another significant change that Google has announced in the last few weeks, the change to the way they rank Doorway Pages and their intention to reduce their rankings.

A Doorway or Landing Page is a specific page that targeted search engine traffic for generic or general keywords that takes a user to essentially the same place.

Google includes in their definition of a Doorway Page “cities or location pages”, and it’s this that we are concerned about.

Most florist websites use separate landing pages for each of the major suburbs or areas that they target and many have built up a collection of these pages ton target people customers searching for flowers / florists in these areas.

So far we have seen no evidence or notifications from Google that any of our customers have been penalized.

So are these pages bad or good for SEO and will I get penalized?

Overall I still believe that well designed, unique content rich pages that have relevant content on the page will most likely pass Google’s current algorithm change.

However the important thing to take away is that the pages MUST have high quality, unique and relevant content.

I believe that for florists in particular location based keyword pages are a useful tool in

Here are a five things you can do to mitigate your SEO risk for these pages:

1) Don’t have empty pages

If you have built a whole lot of empty or near empty pages to gain keyword traffic you have a few options.

Initially you should remove the page entirely from your website.

You can then write new content that is high quality, unique and relevant and republish the page.

2) Make sure your product category pages have written content

One of the most overlooked content areas for ecommerce websites are the product category pages.

These pages could incorrectly be viewed as Doorway pages and the easiest way to prevent this is to have quality unique content on these pages.

3) Properly link all pages in your website.

Every page on your website must be accessible for someone visiting your site. This means that if you have landing pages they should be linked from content within the website.

The linkages should be done in as natural a way as possible. This does not mean link bombing a page of your website with every link to the landing pages. The links should be spread over your site in relevant content.

4) Plan and pre prepare content

If you have a blog, or other article based system on your website don’t link it until you have content ready to go to avoid empty pages on your website.

5) Ensure you have quality unique content and avoid duplication of content

You should avoid at all costs duplicating the same content on your website.

If there are multiple places for the same content use canonical links to promote only one page of the site.

When you are writing content for the landing pages or any page the content must be of a high quality and be relevant to the keywords targeted. So if the page is targeting products delivered in an area, the page should be equally about your product and equally about the area.

If you target specific areas consider using location specific reviews or testimonials for your customers. You can also do special offers or anything that makes it relevant for you to be targeting the location.

At the end of the day none of the above is new or different to all the SEO advice that Google has been telling us for years, good SEO is based on high quality well designed websites with good relevant content.

Is your site mobile optimised for the Google Algorithm Update on 21st April 2015?

On April 21st Google will be unveiling another major search algorithm change that will affect many websites. The main purpose of this change is whether sites are properly mobile optimised.

If your site is not mobile optimised Google may rank you lower than other websites that are mobile optimised in the same industry. We have discussed the mobile optimisation of websites in previous blog posts here.

How to check if my site is mobile optimised?

You can check whether your site is mobile optimised here:


Or you can do a search for your site on a mobile device and check to see whether the search result says “mobile friendly”.

What if my site is not mobile optimised?

If your site is not mobile optimised Google may rank you lower than other websites that are mobile optimised in the same industry.

There is also a significant chance that you will no longer be listed when people search using mobile devices.

Start by using the link above to see if Google considers your site to be mobile optimised. For our customers with older separate mobile interfaces, your sites will be mobile optimised. For customers on our innovator and recent packages your sites will also be mobile optimised.

If you do have errors on your site please contact our team on 1300 730 560 to discuss the options available for you.

For our older customers who are not using mobile optimised sites you have various options available to you.

  1. We can install the mobile interface for your sites at a small cost, or
  2. You can upgrade to a fully mobile optimised responsive design website, or
  3. You also have the option of doing nothing if organic search results are not an important part of your business.

To discuss your site please call our friendly team on 1300 730 560 and we can analyse the site and offer the best approach for your circumstances.

Google is targeting non mobile optimised websites

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.21.44 am

We are starting to see more and more of these warnings from Google about our older client websites that are not mobile optimised.

If you look at the research anywhere from 30 – 70% of traffic to websites is on a mobile device so this warning should be of particular concern to you if your website is not mobile optimised.

What does a mobile Optimised its look like on a Phone?

Have you ever tried searching for a website on your phone and had to pinch, zoom and squeeze to find the information you were looking for?

In essence that’s what a website that’s not mobile optimised looks like.


You need to zoom in to the page, scroll sideways and generally move around.

The fact of the matter is that most of your customers will probably not bother to find what they are looking for and will go back to one of your competitors websites.

That’s if they even bothered to go to your website in the first place!

Google Tells users if a website is mobile optimised in search results

Google now actively tells users in mobile search results if a website is mobile optimised so the user can make the decision if they visit the site or not.


Why should I care that Google knows my site is no mobile optimised?

Google has made it very clear that they rank sites on usability and accessibility of the content and one of the big usability criteria is Mobile Optimisation.

You should be very concerned if your website is not mobile optimised because your Search Engine rankings WILL be affected and in the future your visibility on mobile search will most likely be affected as well.

What can I do to become Mobile Optimised?

The obvious answer here is to have your site redesigned to a responsive framework that is mobile optimised.

Why not contact one of our team today on 1300 730 560 or info@enflexion.com.au and discuss having your site redesigned so it’s mobile optimised.

Your future online success is at stake!

A Brave new world of SEO

Forget everything you have been told about SEO in the past and use these tactics instead to get solid page one SEO rankings.

Google is constantly evolving

Google is constantly changing the way that they rank websites and the Panda and Penguin changes to their search algorithms have seen considerable pain for websites.

In the past websites would try to “trick” Google into better rankings by buying links, creating link farms, keyword stuffing on webpages and all sorts of other frowned upon tactics.

Sites that undertook black hat SEO techniques have been severely penalised and in some cases have had their organic rankings disappear!

Black Hat SEO Techniques:

Bad Linking – or having links from totally unrelated websites, link farms, link directories or plainly buying links.  These are all No Nos in the brave new world of SEO.

Spammy Content – duplicated content on every page, guest blogging from spammy sources, unrelated content to the website, or just plainly badly written content.

Duplicate Content – you know that Google can watch content that’s copied from another website ad they will penalise you for it!

Keyword Stuffing – pages and pages of content with the same keyword over an dover again is not relevant content. Repeating the same keyword in the page title, heading one and every paragraph is NOT a way of highlighting a keyword.

Press Releases – don’t bother sending press releases to the PR Wire and except a SEO jump, press release are now no longer included in a website’s ranking.

SEO Done the right way!

We have to consider what Google actually does and that is “deliverer high quality RELEVANT search results for search terms”.  To do this your website content must be RELEVANT and UNIQUE!

Whether you are a store selling products that other stores sell or a consulting company promoting your professional services your website needs to have the following key SEO ingredients.

Good Web Design

As web developers we will always push for the best possible web design in terms of correct usage of code and a design that is easy for people to use and navigate.

If your web design both visual and code let’s you down then all your marketing efforts are for vain.  Good Web Design also increases sales conversion rates reduces cart abandonment and makes you are more profitable business.

Your website needs to:

  • Be easy to use
  • Load as fast as possible
  • Have no broken links
  • Compatible with most browsers
  • Not hide content in images or behind firewalls

High Quality Content

They say content is king, and in the world of SEO content is certainly the most important thing you can address easily on your website.

  • Every page of your website must have quality, unique and informative content.
  • Don’t reuse the same piece of content on every page – google will determine that as spammy.
  • The content must be relevant to the page title and heading.
  • Content is not only written, it’s also increasingly videos,, infographics, images, e-books, white papers and blogs.

Relevant Link Strategy

Links to other websites and to your own are still of great importance but the link must be relevant and natural to the page it links to and the page it’s linking from.

Social Media

Google places a lot of emphasis on social media and your following on Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Pintrest etc.  You should have a healthy presence on all of these platforms and encourage people to interact and this will have an impact on your SEO as well.

Review websites and Local Directories

In the latest update to Google Pigeon in July of 2014, Google has de emphasised the use of Google Places for local related searches and are now taking more notice of local review and director website such as yelp, urban spoon, product review etc.

You should actively encourage your customers to leave reviews about your business and service on these local directories.

It’s a brave new world of SEO techniques and they all recognise and reward high quality websites!

Local Search in SEO


In the most recent update to Google’s search algorithm called Pigeon, more emphasis has been placed on local search results when people are searching for a

Three ways to capitalise on local search

There are three primary ways to capitalize on the focus on local search results, both on your website and on the internet.

1) Optimise your website with your address

Your contact page should clearly state your full address with suburb, state and country.

If customers search for your suburb name this should also be incorporated in your main heading on the page.

Embed a Google map of your location on the contact page

Use Structured Data for the location of your store or business, that’s what it’s there for to tell Google and the other search engines that this is your contact data.

2) Take ownership of your Google Place

If you haven’t already you really should take ownership of your Google Place and make sure all your contact information is correct.


It doesn’t take long and it means that you are more likely to appear on Google search results.

3) Actively encourage reviews on websites

Create accounts on review and directory websites such as YELP, WOMO, Open Table, Trip Advisor etc. All of these sites that have links to your business add credibility and authenticity which drives your Google rankings!

You can also link to your profiles on each of the websites too!

Have you been affected by Google’s Penguin 2.1?

what is penguin 2.1Have you been affected by Google’s Penguin 2.1?

On October 4th 2013 Google released a new search ranking algorithm that has had a particularly hard affect on many websites’ SEO rankings. Below we answer some of the top questions about this update. We are also working on brand new SEO packages for our customers that address the current needs to gain the best possible Search Engine Rankings.

What is Penguin 2.1?

Penguin 2.1 is a change to the way Google ranks sites and is particularly focused on what they term as “unnatural” or “spammy” back links to a website.
What does this mean in simple terms?
Basically if you have a link to your website from a blog, web directory or SEO linking website, Google may think that this is an unnatural link and penalize your site.

How do I know if I have been affected?

If your site has had a noticeable drop in traffic and your search rankings are low or have even lost after the 4th of October then you have been affected.

What can I do to fix this?

The first and most important thing is to undertake a back links analysis of your website. Go through every link listed in Google Webmaster Tools and decide whether it’s a bad or good link.

If it’s a bad link you have two options:

1) Email the webmaster of the website and request the link be removed, OR
2) Use the Google disavow tool and disavow the links.

Will this get back my rankings?

It’s difficult to give an exact yes or no, but if your rankings have only been affected by Penguin 2.1 then most likely yes once Google does a new algorithm change you rankings should improve.

How long will this take?

Depending on the number of back links you have it can take several weeks to go through and clean your back links. Then it’s up to Google to change their rankings of your sites, from past experience this generally happens after a new algorithm update which can take a from a few weeks to a few months. It’s important however that you do as much as possible to quickly address the issues so your site is ready when the next algorithm changes take affect.

The rest of the SEO equation

You should also make sure that you have not been affected by other algorithm changes such as Panda. Which essentially requires your website to have excellent unique content on every page of your site and your site to be well optimized.
You also need to make sure that your social reach is good and your company website is active on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram.

Do you need help?

If you think you have been affected by the Google changes or you need help with your online strategy give enflexion a call on 1300 730 560 and we can discuss ways to assist.

Using twitter as a marketing tool

Use Twitter for SMS Marketing

The web is full of cool and exciting technologies that you can use to enhance your business. By now we all know just how effective email and SMS marketing can be for driving traffic to your website.

SMS marketing can be expensive proposition cost up to 20 cents for each SMS sent. Which means if you have a list of 10000 people to send a message out can cost you a whopping $2000 (although you can get bulk discounts for about $1200).

Instead why not harness the cool power of a social networking site like Twitter.com that’s free?

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking site that allows you to send short messages to anyone who is “following you”.  Twitter offers a way for people to follow us on twitterprovide more detailed status updates to their friends, family and contacts. And, then delivers those updates across a variety of different media through your website, over instant messaging or by SMS to your mobile phone.

It’s not just for individuals.

Loads of companies are now using Twitter as an important marketing tool, BBC News sends out news items, Apple bypasses the normal media and sends out news and product releases by twitter to their thousands of followers.



How do you Twitter

Getting stared with Twitter is a snap, just create a free account, you don’t need to verify or even enter a mobile phone number. You can use the web interface at Twitter.com to send out your Twitters, or we even have a Twitter Plug-in for Sliced Bread. You can also have multiple Twitter accounts you just need a separate email address for each account.

So how can you use Twitter for your business?

Think of twitter like you would any communication channel, except you have to get your message across in 140 characters. So if you are needing to send a URL to a webpage use Tinyurl.com to turn the long link into a short link!

The sorts of things you may want to send as a Twitter are:

  • News Items;
  • Special offers with Coupon Codes;
  • Business News etc.

How do people follow your Twitter?

First off the people need to be a member of Twitter and have verified their mobile phone. Then they can visit your twitter page on the web though a link just like:


Then they just click on Follow and they will get an SMS each time you Twitter. It’s that easy and it’s free!

What else can you do with Twitter?

You can list your latest twitters on your website automatically if you want or if you want to encourage people to “followâ” your twitters make Twitter only offers to your customers.

Like all good marketing ideas you still need to promote it, both on your website and offline in your marketing collateral. It’s all about finding new and creative ways of promoting and marketing your business through technology.

Why join Twitter today?