How To Identify A Spam Domain Name Renewal

How to identify a spam domain name notice
How to identify a spam domain name notice

How do you identify whether your domain name renewal email or bill you receive in the mail is real or not? As a business owner you probably receive a lot of email every day. Email accounts were designed to filter out the mail and separate the spam from your important emails.

Sometimes an email can slip through to your inbox and it could possibly be a spam domain renewal. Most business owners know there is a two-yearly domain name renewal but can’t remember where they purchased it or when they purchased it. Also you could receive a letter in the mail prompting you to send in your payment for your domain name renewal.

Email Scams

Emails can easily look like billed invoices for domain name renewal. They can have all of your relevant contact information such as your address, domain name, name, and email address. There could possibly be a link to make a payment with your credit card for the amount of the bill.

In order to help you take protection against a possible scam here are a few tips:

  1. *Read through the email carefully.
  2. *It could possibly be a sales pitch incognito.
  3. *They could be offering to sell or upsell your services without stating it is a renewal for your  domain.

How To Distinguish Between The Real Bill And The Fake Bill

*Look at  the website address. It could be an address that is not hosting your site. Often the domain name listed on the bill is similar to your domain name but might end in a different url, for example instead of .com it says .net.

*Write your domain name provider down in a file and if you question your bill you can double check if it is your legitimate domain name provider.

*Check these links if you are still not sure which company is hosting your site.

Go to and for Australia users go to These websites make it simple to enter your domain name. They will show you your hosting provider.


*The email or invoice could be promoting you to receive a discount or to change your hosting company. They also can be using key words like pay now, urgent, or act now.

*Another clue that they are not a legitimate company is that they are asking you to make a payment on a third party website like paypal.

These are all useful precautions to help you distinguish between the real and fake domain name providers. Always be careful and know that there are scammers out there looking to trick you into changing your domain name company, giving them your payment information, adding services that are not needed, and paying for an overpriced domain and never receive a renewal.

If you do get a suspicious domain name renewal notice call the enflexion office on 1300 730 560, don’t just ignore it as it could be the real deal!

4 trust indicators to increase sales conversion

When a customer visits your website they are making an emotional decisions as to whether or not they trust your site and will purchase with you, this is a quick guide to 4 simple things you can add to your site to improve trust.

Online customers especially those who have never been to your site expect to see certain standard thing son you design and information to encourage them to purchase.  They want to be confident that your site is secure, that the product listed is the one they will receive and if there is a problem with the order you will give excellent service to solve the issue.

So how do we visually do all of these things?

1) Site Seals and Security Seals

Security of customers personal data, credit card data etc are paramount in most customers minds.  Customers are being bombarded day after day with phishing emails, fake websites and other scams. Every eCommerce website must have a security seal SSL to encrypt the data and customers are being trained to look for the little padlock on their browser to ensure that the site is secure:

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 10.52.00 am


Many of the SSL providers can also provide you with a seal to say your site is secure as can your Payment Gateway.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 10.52.30 am

You can use a variety of seals from many different companies such as your SSL provider,  payment gateway, Paypal, eWay etc or you can pay a company to review your site on a regular basis such as Norton or McAffee.


It’s important however that you do not simply copy a site seal but your site must earn it to display on your website.

2) Privacy

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 10.59.25 am

If you collect a customer’s personal information or ask them to join or signup to your website etc you need to have a visible link to your privacy policy.  The privacy policy must explain exactly:

  • What you will use their details for
  • How you protect their privacy
  • Who you share their information with.

Australia as do many other countries around the world have very strict online privacy policies that explicitly state how and what data you may keep on your customers online.

The bottom line of privacy though is that you must always ask for permission and never act outside your stated policy.

3) Excellent Customer Service

In any business good customer service is paramount and online is no different, it’s also very straight forward to provide good customer service on your website and encourage trust through customer reviews.

A customer is going to want some basic information answered on your website that’s easy to find which includes:

  • Accurate product information
  • Telephone, Email and Web forms for easy communication
  • Delivery Policy and Costs
  • Returns and Refunds
  • Terms and conditions of sales

If you have excellent customer service and provide all this information you can then leverage your past customer’s good experiences with online reviews on places like FEEFO, Facebook, Yelp etc

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 11.05.32 am

An example of our customer reviews on our Facebook page are fantastic.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 11.04.40 am

Services like FEEFO are excellent for reviews that also add stars to your Google search rankings.

There is also an added upside to good reviews of businesses online, Google actively ranks sites with good reviews higher in organic search results for your SEO.

4) Money Back Guarantees and Returns

Whilst it’s not always practical for every circumstance to offer a money back guarantee it goes an awful long way to improve the trust that someone has purchasing from you.

In reality very few customers do send back products for their money back unless the product is inferior to what was promised or inaccurate and most returns are for size or colour changes.

However offering a money back guarantee and a simple returns policy is a great big help for customers who might be unsure of their exact size or the quality of your product.

There are many services out there that will assist with this, our customers and we too have had great success with services such as Parcel Point who manage the whole returns process for you.


There are many elements of website design that are done to increase trust on a website just as there are many elements of the layout that encourage people to purchase.  These four are only a few simple things that you can achieve on your website.

Do you need help with your Commerce website? Give us a call on 1300 730 560 or email us on and lets see how we can better design your website experience to increase your sales conversions.