Updated Site Software and Dashboard, Cloud Version 4

Announcing Cloud Version 4 Website Dashboard
Announcing Cloud Version 4 Website Dashboard

For the last six months we have been extremely busy writing an entirely new version of both our Content Management eCommerce Suite and our website management dashboard Myweblogin.

The new release will be known as Cloud Version 4 and we are moving the dashboard fully into the cloud so we can better deploy new features to our customer’s websites easily and with less fuss.

The new dashboard is fully mobile responsive compliant so you will be able to manage your website, ecommerce store and manage your orders from any desktop, mobile or tablet you choose.

This follows on from our rollout in May 2015 of the new Login, Help and Account functions on Myweblogin and is based on your feedback.

The internal dashboard design has been significantly updated with a clean consistent interface and new expanding navigation.

Internal Navigation

The main navigation is now split into 8 main areas:

My Website – where you can edit, add and delete web pages, images and files

Orders – all your orders, sales reports, run sheets and blocked delivery dates are here

Products – manage your products and product categories with loads of new features!

Telephone Order – we have now included the manual telephone ordering system so you can take orders and accept credit cards directly through your dashboard

Customers – managing your customers here

Marketing – you can send mass emails cerate coupons, create SEO landing pages, share your product data and much more

Settings – you can edit the settings of your website here, such as email addresses for orders, how products display, delivery options, ordering settings and more

Advanced Settings – these are the templates and advanced settings of your website if you need to get more involved.

Additional ecommerce features

In addition to moving the dashboard fully to the cloud we have added a huge amount of new features including:

  • Bulk Moving / updating / changing the status of orders
  • Send emails on in transit and when delivered
  • Email orders to people (and create lists of people you normally send orders to )
  • New Payment options including NAB, ANZ and Stripe
  • More advanced delivery cost calculations
  • In Store Pickup Options
  • Database of Common delivery location such as hospitals or Funeral Homes

And these are juts the start although not all features will be available for every package.

New product options

We have significantly increased the product features as well (not available for all packages) including:

  • Different images for each color option
  • Differ images for each price variation
  • Up to 8 different price points
  • Ability to include a recipe for the product to relay to other people
  • New category integration so the product can be in as many categories as you would like.

New ordering options

We have added in great new features for ordering as well (not all available for every package) including:

  • Different same day delivery cut off for each day of the week
  • Ability to block entire categories of products from being ordered (useful for Mothers day and Valentines Day)
  • Abandoned cart Notifications by email
  • More notifications customers on the status of their order.
  • Auto lookup of addresses against the Google Places database

These are all but a small selection of the new features that are being released with the Cloud Version 4 of our software. As we beta release the software we will provide more screenshots of the new and improved ecommerce and checkout as well over the coming weeks.

We anticipate that new customers will have the newest version by the end of November and we will start to deploy the version to our customers from December 2015. Unfortunately not all customers will be eligible for a free upgrade, those customers with highly customized checkout processes will need to contact enflexion to discuss upgrade options.



Integration with the Stripe.com Payment Gateway

stripe-logoOur ecommerce platform now integrates with the Stripe.com payment gateway.

Stripe is a payment gateway that allows customers to process credit cards directly on the customer website (like eWay) however you do not require a merchant bank account.

The benefits of Stripe Are:

  • Simple setup for businesses
  • No Merchant Account required
  • No upfront or ongoing costs apart from transaction costs
  • Customers never leave your website to process their order

How much does stripe cost?

Transactions are charged at 30 cents per transaction and 2.9% total value.

Fantastic entry level alternative to eWay

Stripe is a fantastic low cost of entry way to professionally accept credit cards on your website as an alternative to eWay and requiring your own merchant bank account.

How do I choose who to use?

If you are struggling to work out who to choose you need to work out the cost of either eWay or Stripe over a year. You will need to work out how many transactions you do over a year, factor in merchant fees, yearly fees etc.

If you did say 1000 transactions a year of $100 each:

Stripe Costs

Stripe Set up Fee: $0

Transaction Fee: 1000 x 0.30 cents = $300

Percentage Fees: 2.9% of $100,000 = $2,900

Yearly Fees: $0

Total Cost: $3200


eWay (entry level)

eWay Setup Fee: $49

Per Transaction: 1000 x 0.30 = $300

Percentage Fees: 2.9% of $100,000= $2900

Total Cost: $3249

However eWay has loads more plans that can vary with the number of transactions so your calculation is going to be different.

I think if you are just entering the eCommerce market place or you can’t get a merchant account then Stripe is ideal for you.

For further information call us on 1300 730 560 or email our team on info@enflexion.com.au and we can discuss integrate a stripe.com account for your website.