Data Centre Migration

On Sunday morning the 24th of January we will be moving our servers to a new data centre, Equinix a world leading Data centre.

The new data centre is regarded as one of Australia’s best and is located in the light industrial suburb of Mascot in Sydney. For more information about the data centre you can visit their website here:

The data centre is shared by companies such as Spotifty, Amazon, Foursquare, Trivago and many top financial and other institutions.

The new data centre will provide better power and connectivity to the internet so we will even even better up time.

We have answered some of the most common questions about the move below. If however you have any specific question please call our office line on 1300 730 560.

When is the changeover?
The changeover will occur between sometime between 1AM – 6Am Sydney local time on Sunday morning the 24th of January 2016

Will my website be affected?
Yes, your website will be offline during a short window of about 2 hours and work is being done to minimize the down time.

Will my email be affected?
If you have an email account with your hosting then yes your email will also be affected during this time period. Any email sent to the server during this time will likely “queue” in the sending mail server and then progressively be sent when the servers are back operational.

Will enflexion be checking each website?
Yes, once the servers have been moved and are back online we will be checking each website to ensure they are back up online and if you are an ecommerce website that transactions can be made.

What should I do?
On the morning of the 24th you should verify that your website is visible on the web and if there is an issue please call our office on 1300 730 560. Be aware that there could be network instability for several hours after the move as everything goes back to normal.

We maintain backups of our servers and each account from every morning and once a week so if we need to restore your website we can do so to a previous version.

Any other questions please call the enflexion office on 1300 730 560, otherwise I will email a reminder on the Friday before the move and then send another email after the servers have moved and have been tested.

Updated Site Software and Dashboard, Cloud Version 4

Announcing Cloud Version 4 Website Dashboard
Announcing Cloud Version 4 Website Dashboard

For the last six months we have been extremely busy writing an entirely new version of both our Content Management eCommerce Suite and our website management dashboard Myweblogin.

The new release will be known as Cloud Version 4 and we are moving the dashboard fully into the cloud so we can better deploy new features to our customer’s websites easily and with less fuss.

The new dashboard is fully mobile responsive compliant so you will be able to manage your website, ecommerce store and manage your orders from any desktop, mobile or tablet you choose.

This follows on from our rollout in May 2015 of the new Login, Help and Account functions on Myweblogin and is based on your feedback.

The internal dashboard design has been significantly updated with a clean consistent interface and new expanding navigation.

Internal Navigation

The main navigation is now split into 8 main areas:

My Website – where you can edit, add and delete web pages, images and files

Orders – all your orders, sales reports, run sheets and blocked delivery dates are here

Products – manage your products and product categories with loads of new features!

Telephone Order – we have now included the manual telephone ordering system so you can take orders and accept credit cards directly through your dashboard

Customers – managing your customers here

Marketing – you can send mass emails cerate coupons, create SEO landing pages, share your product data and much more

Settings – you can edit the settings of your website here, such as email addresses for orders, how products display, delivery options, ordering settings and more

Advanced Settings – these are the templates and advanced settings of your website if you need to get more involved.

Additional ecommerce features

In addition to moving the dashboard fully to the cloud we have added a huge amount of new features including:

  • Bulk Moving / updating / changing the status of orders
  • Send emails on in transit and when delivered
  • Email orders to people (and create lists of people you normally send orders to )
  • New Payment options including NAB, ANZ and Stripe
  • More advanced delivery cost calculations
  • In Store Pickup Options
  • Database of Common delivery location such as hospitals or Funeral Homes

And these are juts the start although not all features will be available for every package.

New product options

We have significantly increased the product features as well (not available for all packages) including:

  • Different images for each color option
  • Differ images for each price variation
  • Up to 8 different price points
  • Ability to include a recipe for the product to relay to other people
  • New category integration so the product can be in as many categories as you would like.

New ordering options

We have added in great new features for ordering as well (not all available for every package) including:

  • Different same day delivery cut off for each day of the week
  • Ability to block entire categories of products from being ordered (useful for Mothers day and Valentines Day)
  • Abandoned cart Notifications by email
  • More notifications customers on the status of their order.
  • Auto lookup of addresses against the Google Places database

These are all but a small selection of the new features that are being released with the Cloud Version 4 of our software. As we beta release the software we will provide more screenshots of the new and improved ecommerce and checkout as well over the coming weeks.

We anticipate that new customers will have the newest version by the end of November and we will start to deploy the version to our customers from December 2015. Unfortunately not all customers will be eligible for a free upgrade, those customers with highly customized checkout processes will need to contact enflexion to discuss upgrade options.



Importance of Social Media

Social Media – Five reasons why you should be using it!

  • Increase exposure

Social media is an an awesome way for your target market to find and connect with you. Twitter directories and LinkedIn groups allow you to find your target market and engage with them. It will allow you to reach a wider and possibly untapped audience. This additional exposure will attract more sales opportunities via the extra traffic that will come to your website.


  • Engage with your customers and humanise your company

Having a social media platform allows you to engage with your customers directly. You can respond to complaints and compliments there by bolstering the general publics perceived impression of your business as friendly, reliable and honest.

Doing this also adds a human face to your business, it will give customers the impression they are dealing with people rather than a business, rather than a cold faceless website. Besides, at the end of the day people want to buy from people, not businesses.


  • Your Target Market is already using it.

People from all demographics use social media. In fact, they spend more than 25% of their online time using it. They use it to play games, get information, share information and shop. This means that this is a fantastic avenue allowing your target market to not only connect with you but to tell their friends about you.


  • Gain a competitive advantage

Having a social media platform gives you an avenue to find out what your audience is thinking, feeling and saying. You will gain an understanding of what they want and you will be able to provide it to them. Do it well you will generate a tribe of people telling all of their friends about you.


  • Cheaper than traditional advertising

Having and using a social media account is absolutely free meaning that you have the opportunity to use it to advertise at no extra cost. Which is significantly cheaper than traditional methods of advertising such as television and radio.



Social Media: Seven Deadly Sins

So now that you know what social media is lets look at the seven deadly sins of social media:

  • Sloth

Don’t wait for customers to find you. When you create a social media site, don’t expect that customers will magically find you, draw them in by other means. For example on your website link to your social media page (e.g.: “Follow us on Facebook”).


  • Gluttony

Don’t over-indulge I likes. This can devalue the like button and can result in a lower ROI.


  • Greed

Don’t appear desperate for customers. Constantly running sales, specials, competitions etc. appear desperate and will devalue your brand and your customer relationship.


  • Envy

Don’t lose sight of what matters. Whilst learning from other brands can be useful, don’t mimic them. Take what you have learned and make it apply to your brand so you can set yourself apart from other brands.


  • Wrath

Don’t block negative feedback. Sure hearing something bad about your brand hurts. By getting upset and removing it from your site will hurt your brand even more. It is better to address the issue and attempt to fix it.


  • Lust

Engage with your customers. Don’t make them feel like you are after just this one buy. If you make them feel like a person and not a number, will result in repeat business meaning a greater ROI.


  • Pride

Don’t wait to get started. Not allowing yourself to fail is worse than trying and failing. You will have an opportunity to dust yourself and try again. Also, social media is not just a fad Facebook has over 600 million users and that number is rising. Social media is not going anywhere soon.



Have you heard of the biggest social media site since Facebook? It’s Pinterest and it’s sort of like a mix between an online scrapbook, pinboard and social network. When you want to save something you add it to Pinterest and the whole world can see what you see.

It’s a two way street, you can have a Share on Pinterest button on your website and you can have your own Pinterest account where you show other people the stuff that you are intereseted (or your business).

Get started right now and sign up for Pinterest!

Marketing Intern Position with Groovy Surry Hills Based Digital Agency

Are you studying Communications, Marketing, Journalism or Media and want to intern with a fast moving small technology company?

We might just be that company for you! We are nestled in the heart of Surry Hills and share our office with two beagles and a great group of staff.officebeagle

We specialize in providing functional ecommerce solutions for mid to large businesses and we are the market leader in one of our ecommerce brand industries.  Providing eCommerce Applications, websites, and a particular focus on mobile website and iPhone Applications.

We are looking for someone who is studying, with a focus and/or interest in digital marketing & social media to help create and execute our strategy to better engage with our customers.

A few of the tasks we need are:


  • Research on our competitors potential blog posts, Facebook Posts etc
  • Writing blog posts, whitepapers or ebooks
  • Managing social media accounts
  • Testing landing pages and offers
  • Helping design targeted campaigns


The role would be between 2 – 3 days per week although we are flexible in working ours.  There is definitely scope for you to grow into a role within the company managing clients digital marketing needs in the future.  There is also scope for this to be the Professional Experience component of your study.

Ideally you will be focused and self directed and will have good ideas and not be afraid of bringing those to us!  If you see an opportunity you should grab it with both hands and run!

If this sounds like you, call Drew on 1300 730 560 to have a chat.

You can discover more about us at or

enflexion Launches Mozzee Design

Mozzee Design an online store for designer baby items including the Nest Baby Chair has been launched using enflexion’s Sliced Bread and eCommerce Shopping Cart.mozzeelogo

Mozzee was founded in 2002 to bring to market Nest High Chair the revolutionary Australian designer high chair. Today we continue our mission to source contemporary and boutique produced modern baby furniture (such as Nest) and accessories for hip babies and modern kids.

The eCommerce Shopping cart ensures that each and every product sold by Mozzee will automatically be promoted to Google and the other Search Engines.

For more information:

Business Development Manager 76K OTE and Uncapped Commission

enflexion is seeking a motivated Business Development Manager to sell our eCommerce solution to Florists.

We have an established product with existing clientele and your role will be to generate sales to Florists across Australia and New Zealand.

This is both a telephone and face-to-face sales role and some domestic Australian travel may be required. The role offers achievable targets with excellent uncapped commission after attainment of your initial targets.

You will be an experienced Business Development Manager with well developed sales and marketing skills.

Essential Skills

  • Proven track record in sales both telephone and face to face resulting the development of new business;
  • Self motivated and ability to work as part of a team.
  • Knowledege of web design / development
  • Marketing opportunity identification
  • Sales planning, forecasting and management reporting

Desirable but not essential

  • A sales background a from the B2B services sector
  • Knowledge of the Floristry industry
  • Knowledge of web based eCommerce applications desirable

You will be an integral part of a small dynamic team that will provide you with independence within a dynamic and flexible team. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed, whilst remaining focused on achieving our business goals.

You will be provided with on going training and development courses to further your career. Rewards will be given to those who continually achieve and prove themselves.

To apply for this role please send an email to

New Help Tutorials For Sliced Bread

New Interactive Help Tutotials for Sliced Bread

There are now over a dozen interactive help tutorials for the Sliced Bread Content Managment Solution.

The interactive Help Tutorials allow users to learn how to use the main functioanlity of Sliced Bread at their own pace.

Sliced Bread Version 6 has the tutorials in the Help Menu, for all other users, you can visit the tutorials at:

enflexion launches new blog

The enflexion technology blog will list tips tricks and ideas for simple web design using our products:

  • Sliced Bread Content Management Solution
  • Flower Store In a Box
  • Intranet In a Box

Over the next couple of months we will be posting much of our internal library of HTML & CSS snippets in categories so that our code library is totally open for all to use!

Go visit the blog now: