Introduction To The Different Types Of Facebook Ads

Like BoardOne of the most used social media sites is Facebook. They are one of the leaders in their industry because they have over a billion active users accessing their accounts monthly. Facebook has released Product Ads that are easy to set up and will help ecommerce businesses grow their business and client base. Product ads have been designed for businesses to target their ads more effectively. Facebook’s latest ad unit will allow businesses to target their distinct audience. It also allows users to upload their products or entire catalog of products.

Who Can Create Ads?

Ads can be created by any Facebook user. In order to utilize the most out of the product ads, you should create a Facebook page if you haven’t done so already. Once the Facebook page is created then attach it to your product ads. By attaching the ads to your Facebook page it will allow you to have more options for product placing and different ad types when designing your ad.

Where Can You Advertise On Facebook

Facebook gives users the choice of where you can place your advertising. You can choose to place your ad on one location or choose to place it on all of them. Some of the ad choices are mobile ads, desktop ads and they can include sidebar ads and news feed ads. Mobile ads are great for people that are always using their phones. These users have a higher click through rate than the desktop users. If you are going to choose this type of product ad then it is important to have your website participate in mobile friendly checkout service.

Advertising in Facebook

Product placing with the desktop ads offers the users 2 choices. The first choice is the sidebar ad and anyone can choose to advertise with this feature because you do not need a Facebook page. With the news feed ad feature you do need to have a Facebook page and it impacts are more impressionable than sidebar ads. Product ads can also now be placed in mobile apps.

Different Types Of Facebook Ads

Page Post Ads

Facebook requires ad placers to have a Facebook page. These ads can be links posts or photo posts that can be created by a status update.

Page Promotional Adverts

Multi Product/Carousel Ads

This ad choice allows users to showcase more than one product or an entire catalog of products or services.

Product Carousel

Page Post Video Ad

These videos automatically play when a user scrolls through their page. These ads are muted and the user has to unmute it to hear the content of the video.

Sponsored Posts

Built around user activity, it will highlight a Facebook user’s action (a like, share, or comment). It will then be showed to their friends when they share it. It can only reach the friends that are associated with that user’s page and cannot be targeted to a specific audience.

Sponsored Post

Outcome For Facebook Ads

Product ads allow you to choose your target audience and you can bid on the cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) or choose cost per click (CPC). You can choose to be very specific with your targeted audience. For example if you are a florist then you might want to target women and men from age 20 to 50.

The product ads can also be more specific with your targeted audience if you are located in New York city then search for those women in that particular city. Also you can choose to gear your ads around the specific holidays for that targeted audience.

For example in April and May you may want to promote appealing flower arrangements to the targeted audience for the Mother’s Day holiday. The florist is now targeting products that they are aiming to sell.

If an ecommerce business chooses to advertise sponsored posts their goal might be to get people to like the products or services that are offered and visit the website. There are countless ecommerce businesses that are already highly successful using product ads.

Responsive Email Marketing Design

In our never ending review and adoption of all new useful technologies we have been testing the concept of responsive email design.

So what is Responsive Email Design?

Just like responsive web design where we design a site to “respond” to the different screen sizes of the various mobile devices. Responsive email design is the same where we design emails to respond to the different screen sizes of desktops and mobile phones.

Otherwise your email marketing will look like this:

Standard non responsive email design
Standard non responsive email design

In a recent example of an EDM for one of ours customers in the desktop version we displayed three products across each row however in the mobile version we displayed each product in a single column.

Desktop version of the responsive email
Desktop version of the responsive email

Why should you adopt Responsive eMail Design?

It means the over 50% of users who view EDMs on their mobile device can quickly scan read and click though to points of interest. Otherwise you end u with an email on a mobile device which is almost impossible to read.

50% of Email are read on a mobile device!

Example of a Responsive Design Email
Example of a Responsive Design Email on a smart phone

More and more people are reading and deleting their emails on mobile devices. If your marketing message can’t get read quickly on these devices your email will be deleted.

Designing your emails to be read both on a mobile phone and a screen is a significantly important step to increase your marketing effectiveness.

Are you missing on on Marketing Opportunities

Not everyone is great at promoting their business and we often let simple marketing opportunities pass us by. Here are a few of the top ideas that will help build your business and sales!

Build your mailing list with an in store business card bowl

fishbowl_w640Marketing to your existing customers will always return good results because they have already emotionally invested in your business by buying something or visiting your store.

Have a bowl prominently displayed on your counter with a message of encouragement to drop your business card in to win something. No mater what sort of business you are in, something small is a great incentive for customers to give you their contact details.

Some ideas are:

Give away something once a month or week, just make it regular

Do a cross promotion with another local business for a giveaway IE win a Meal at a local fancy restaurant (and they can do a cross promotion with you too).

Don’t forget to actually follow up!

The cardinal rule here is to actually follow up and enter all those customer details into your mailing list.

You should also segment them by date or month so you can inform just that month’s entrants of the winner.

Don’t forget that you should ask every customer when they purchase:

[blockquote align=center]

Are you on our mailing list we have great specials sent out to our valued customers, just enter your email address here.



And please have a pen and some special paper slips ready for people to write their email addresses.

Include a voucher for your customer’s next order

If you are a purely online business, or even if you are not clicks and bricks you want to encourage customers to come back and buy from you again.


The obvious way of doing this is through great customer service, but an added way is to include a voucher for the customer to use the next time they purchase with you.

It could be for a nominal amount like $10 or it could be a percentage off the next order.

Either way the voucher should be physical and should be something that can be pinned to the fridge or note board.

Presentation & Packaging are a marketing opportunity

Back when I was a university student many years ago I worked Saturdays and Sundays in a small gift shop. The owner knew loads about marketing and did an impressive job in training the staff in preparing the item purchased.

Japanese Gift Wrapping

We used a wonderful and very simple Japanese method of wrapping, it didn’t take long but everyone who received the purchase was impressed.

[kad_youtube url=”” maxwidth=600 ]


Mr Porter Packaging

Not every business is going to be able to use the Japanese method of wrapping, but you can take a leaf out of the Mr. Porter, Shoes of Prey or Kent and Lime for making an impression with your packaging.


Mr. Porter is an experience in elegance and luxury and it’s not just aimed at then person opening the package it’s aimed at everyone else in the office as they watch the unwrapping process.

Shoes of Prey Packaging



Kent & Lime Packaging

Kent and Lime a men’s online stylist has a great way of ensuring your items are package well AND can be easily returned if needs be by having a beautiful sturdy custom box that can be reused.



Marketing through Packaging

Power Retail has a great article and case study on using packaging

Include your web address on all marketing material

It may seem really simple but have a look at all of your marketing material including:

  • Receipts
  • Invoices
  • Bags
  • Totes
  • Front of your store display
  • Side of your vans?

Is your business name prominently displayed alongside your web address if not it should be!

If you have your own delivery drivers you should make sure that they have a uniform and a branded top with your business name.

People are naturally curious about things and if someone has a wonderfully presented package arrive in an office they are going to pay attention.

Make it easy for people to fulfill their natural curiosity by giving them enough information to find your business online through a casual Google search.

It’s important to take advantage of the secondary customer and the potential for orders in the future.

Are you aware of the Google Changes for “Doorway” Pages and how they affect your website?

The last few weeks of SEO work for many has been focused on making sure that your site is mobile optimized for the most recent Google Change that was enacted on the 21st of April 2015. You have probably seen the countless articles in all the major newspapers on this change

You can read about it here

If your site is not mobile optimized it’s not too late to do so just contact our team on 1300 730 560 and we can assist.

Significant change to rankings of Doorway or Landing Pages

There is however another significant change that Google has announced in the last few weeks, the change to the way they rank Doorway Pages and their intention to reduce their rankings.

A Doorway or Landing Page is a specific page that targeted search engine traffic for generic or general keywords that takes a user to essentially the same place.

Google includes in their definition of a Doorway Page “cities or location pages”, and it’s this that we are concerned about.

Most florist websites use separate landing pages for each of the major suburbs or areas that they target and many have built up a collection of these pages ton target people customers searching for flowers / florists in these areas.

So far we have seen no evidence or notifications from Google that any of our customers have been penalized.

So are these pages bad or good for SEO and will I get penalized?

Overall I still believe that well designed, unique content rich pages that have relevant content on the page will most likely pass Google’s current algorithm change.

However the important thing to take away is that the pages MUST have high quality, unique and relevant content.

I believe that for florists in particular location based keyword pages are a useful tool in

Here are a five things you can do to mitigate your SEO risk for these pages:

1) Don’t have empty pages

If you have built a whole lot of empty or near empty pages to gain keyword traffic you have a few options.

Initially you should remove the page entirely from your website.

You can then write new content that is high quality, unique and relevant and republish the page.

2) Make sure your product category pages have written content

One of the most overlooked content areas for ecommerce websites are the product category pages.

These pages could incorrectly be viewed as Doorway pages and the easiest way to prevent this is to have quality unique content on these pages.

3) Properly link all pages in your website.

Every page on your website must be accessible for someone visiting your site. This means that if you have landing pages they should be linked from content within the website.

The linkages should be done in as natural a way as possible. This does not mean link bombing a page of your website with every link to the landing pages. The links should be spread over your site in relevant content.

4) Plan and pre prepare content

If you have a blog, or other article based system on your website don’t link it until you have content ready to go to avoid empty pages on your website.

5) Ensure you have quality unique content and avoid duplication of content

You should avoid at all costs duplicating the same content on your website.

If there are multiple places for the same content use canonical links to promote only one page of the site.

When you are writing content for the landing pages or any page the content must be of a high quality and be relevant to the keywords targeted. So if the page is targeting products delivered in an area, the page should be equally about your product and equally about the area.

If you target specific areas consider using location specific reviews or testimonials for your customers. You can also do special offers or anything that makes it relevant for you to be targeting the location.

At the end of the day none of the above is new or different to all the SEO advice that Google has been telling us for years, good SEO is based on high quality well designed websites with good relevant content.

4 trust indicators to increase sales conversion

When a customer visits your website they are making an emotional decisions as to whether or not they trust your site and will purchase with you, this is a quick guide to 4 simple things you can add to your site to improve trust.

Online customers especially those who have never been to your site expect to see certain standard thing son you design and information to encourage them to purchase.  They want to be confident that your site is secure, that the product listed is the one they will receive and if there is a problem with the order you will give excellent service to solve the issue.

So how do we visually do all of these things?

1) Site Seals and Security Seals

Security of customers personal data, credit card data etc are paramount in most customers minds.  Customers are being bombarded day after day with phishing emails, fake websites and other scams. Every eCommerce website must have a security seal SSL to encrypt the data and customers are being trained to look for the little padlock on their browser to ensure that the site is secure:

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 10.52.00 am


Many of the SSL providers can also provide you with a seal to say your site is secure as can your Payment Gateway.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 10.52.30 am

You can use a variety of seals from many different companies such as your SSL provider,  payment gateway, Paypal, eWay etc or you can pay a company to review your site on a regular basis such as Norton or McAffee.


It’s important however that you do not simply copy a site seal but your site must earn it to display on your website.

2) Privacy

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 10.59.25 am

If you collect a customer’s personal information or ask them to join or signup to your website etc you need to have a visible link to your privacy policy.  The privacy policy must explain exactly:

  • What you will use their details for
  • How you protect their privacy
  • Who you share their information with.

Australia as do many other countries around the world have very strict online privacy policies that explicitly state how and what data you may keep on your customers online.

The bottom line of privacy though is that you must always ask for permission and never act outside your stated policy.

3) Excellent Customer Service

In any business good customer service is paramount and online is no different, it’s also very straight forward to provide good customer service on your website and encourage trust through customer reviews.

A customer is going to want some basic information answered on your website that’s easy to find which includes:

  • Accurate product information
  • Telephone, Email and Web forms for easy communication
  • Delivery Policy and Costs
  • Returns and Refunds
  • Terms and conditions of sales

If you have excellent customer service and provide all this information you can then leverage your past customer’s good experiences with online reviews on places like FEEFO, Facebook, Yelp etc

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 11.05.32 am

An example of our customer reviews on our Facebook page are fantastic.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 11.04.40 am

Services like FEEFO are excellent for reviews that also add stars to your Google search rankings.

There is also an added upside to good reviews of businesses online, Google actively ranks sites with good reviews higher in organic search results for your SEO.

4) Money Back Guarantees and Returns

Whilst it’s not always practical for every circumstance to offer a money back guarantee it goes an awful long way to improve the trust that someone has purchasing from you.

In reality very few customers do send back products for their money back unless the product is inferior to what was promised or inaccurate and most returns are for size or colour changes.

However offering a money back guarantee and a simple returns policy is a great big help for customers who might be unsure of their exact size or the quality of your product.

There are many services out there that will assist with this, our customers and we too have had great success with services such as Parcel Point who manage the whole returns process for you.


There are many elements of website design that are done to increase trust on a website just as there are many elements of the layout that encourage people to purchase.  These four are only a few simple things that you can achieve on your website.

Do you need help with your Commerce website? Give us a call on 1300 730 560 or email us on and lets see how we can better design your website experience to increase your sales conversions.