How To Identify A Spam Domain Name Renewal

How to identify a spam domain name notice
How to identify a spam domain name notice

How do you identify whether your domain name renewal email or bill you receive in the mail is real or not? As a business owner you probably receive a lot of email every day. Email accounts were designed to filter out the mail and separate the spam from your important emails.

Sometimes an email can slip through to your inbox and it could possibly be a spam domain renewal. Most business owners know there is a two-yearly domain name renewal but can’t remember where they purchased it or when they purchased it. Also you could receive a letter in the mail prompting you to send in your payment for your domain name renewal.

Email Scams

Emails can easily look like billed invoices for domain name renewal. They can have all of your relevant contact information such as your address, domain name, name, and email address. There could possibly be a link to make a payment with your credit card for the amount of the bill.

In order to help you take protection against a possible scam here are a few tips:

  1. *Read through the email carefully.
  2. *It could possibly be a sales pitch incognito.
  3. *They could be offering to sell or upsell your services without stating it is a renewal for your  domain.

How To Distinguish Between The Real Bill And The Fake Bill

*Look at  the website address. It could be an address that is not hosting your site. Often the domain name listed on the bill is similar to your domain name but might end in a different url, for example instead of .com it says .net.

*Write your domain name provider down in a file and if you question your bill you can double check if it is your legitimate domain name provider.

*Check these links if you are still not sure which company is hosting your site.

Go to and for Australia users go to These websites make it simple to enter your domain name. They will show you your hosting provider.


*The email or invoice could be promoting you to receive a discount or to change your hosting company. They also can be using key words like pay now, urgent, or act now.

*Another clue that they are not a legitimate company is that they are asking you to make a payment on a third party website like paypal.

These are all useful precautions to help you distinguish between the real and fake domain name providers. Always be careful and know that there are scammers out there looking to trick you into changing your domain name company, giving them your payment information, adding services that are not needed, and paying for an overpriced domain and never receive a renewal.

If you do get a suspicious domain name renewal notice call the enflexion office on 1300 730 560, don’t just ignore it as it could be the real deal!

Responsive Email Marketing Design

In our never ending review and adoption of all new useful technologies we have been testing the concept of responsive email design.

So what is Responsive Email Design?

Just like responsive web design where we design a site to “respond” to the different screen sizes of the various mobile devices. Responsive email design is the same where we design emails to respond to the different screen sizes of desktops and mobile phones.

Otherwise your email marketing will look like this:

Standard non responsive email design
Standard non responsive email design

In a recent example of an EDM for one of ours customers in the desktop version we displayed three products across each row however in the mobile version we displayed each product in a single column.

Desktop version of the responsive email
Desktop version of the responsive email

Why should you adopt Responsive eMail Design?

It means the over 50% of users who view EDMs on their mobile device can quickly scan read and click though to points of interest. Otherwise you end u with an email on a mobile device which is almost impossible to read.

50% of Email are read on a mobile device!

Example of a Responsive Design Email
Example of a Responsive Design Email on a smart phone

More and more people are reading and deleting their emails on mobile devices. If your marketing message can’t get read quickly on these devices your email will be deleted.

Designing your emails to be read both on a mobile phone and a screen is a significantly important step to increase your marketing effectiveness.

the last time your website was updated

When did you last update your website with some content changes? A couple of paragraphs about a client you just won or the new product that you launched?

A website that has old or out of date information is a sure fire way to put off your potential clients. If your site content is six months old what message does that send about your business? Slow, staid, not keeping up with the rest of the market?website-update

With your Sliced Bread login you can update your website right now!

So why not log in now and add a new news item?

If you are not using Sliced Bread to manage your website, why don’t you call us now on 02 9267 4166 to find out how you can be in control!

December 2007 enflexion News

Merry Christmas from the enflexion Team!

It’s that time of the year again and the enflexion Team wishes all of our clients a Merry Christmas and hopes for a prosperous and safe 2008.

The enflexion office will be closed between the close of business 20th December and opening again on Monday the 7th of January.

During this period support will still be available by calling the main office line of (02) 9267 4166.

Merry Christmas!

Have you updated your website with your changed holiday opening hours?

Now is definitely the time to update your own website with you holiday opening hours, remember managing your website with Sliced Bread is as easy as:

Surf  “Edit” Publish!

enflexion launches web hosting packages in 2008

Here at enflexion we are constantly developing new products and services that help you streamline your online business.

Starting in January 2008, enflexion will be offering web hosting and domain name registration. Our very competitive prices will include support for your website and software for no additional cost.

You can also have your website transferred to enflexion web hosting for free and save money by paying for your hosting yearly upfront.

Facebook as a marketing Tool?

Teens, school & university students are using facebook up to 20 times often ignoring other websites. This makes the very lucrative market of 14 – 28 year olds almost impossible to market for using traditional marketing tools accessible.

enflexion can assist by building a facebook application that users can add to their profile and you can use to market a new idea or concept to this lucrative market. Not all applications or concepts are applicable so why not have a discussion with us at enflexion to see whether your concept could be converted as a Facebook Application!

enflexion website news March 2008

Websites aren’t just for selling

We tend to forget that websites are not just about selling products & services online but they can also help organisations become more cost efficient.

Finding ways to do things cheaper or more effectively is one of the great Return On Investments that a website can provide.

From the really simple stuff like providing generic Frequently Asked Questions on your website to reduce the number of customer’s ringing asking the same repetitive questions.

To automating a common process such as a Support Request, Leave Application Form etc.  The less time taken to re-enter data or just check that all the information required is entered can actually save money.

So the question for this month is:  Is your website making and saving you money?

making your website carbon neutral

Make your website Carbon Neutral and switch to enflexion web hosting


As a business for a small amount of money you can start by offsetting the carbon your website uses each year. enflexion has gone green and we have made fully green by offsetting the carbon footprint.

It’s really simple, you sign up with and choose the size of your website. You then make a payment and in return you can display a Green Badge on your website, just like enflexion does at the bottom of every page.

As a special offer to enflexion clients who are web hosting through enflexion or transfer to enflexion web hosting, we will install the badge on your website after you have signed up and offset your carbon credit for free*!

On top of the great news for the environment by It’s a great selling point for your customers too!

There are conditions, you must be an enflexion web hosting customer and you must be using Sliced Bread.

enflexion has a new office & new phone numbers too!

enflexion has made the move from the corporate haunts of the city into the creative enclaves of Surry Hills. From Tuesday February 19thour new phone numbers will be:

1300 730 560 (Local Call cost only anywhere in Australia) or (02) 8399 2892 in Sydney. Our fax number will stay the same.

Enflexion PTY LTD
Suite 1, 551 Crown Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Swap over to enflexion web hosting

enflexion now offers web hosting. The monthly web hosting costs are:

Quick Start $19.95
Standard $29.95
Business $39.95
eCommerce $49.95

By using enflexion web hosting you are also eligible for ongoing telephone and email support of your website and Sliced Bread. There is no cost for transferring your account to enflexion and we will convert your email accounts as well.

Web hosting accounts must be paid by credit card on a monthly basis.

For more information on enflexion web hosting please visit our .

Tip of the Month

If you think you might be losing emails or you know people are sending you emails have you looked in your Junk Mail Folder?

If you use Microsoft Outlook there is a Junk Mail folder where lots of emails get dumped automatically without your knowledge. Unfortunately messages from Clients and friends often end up in the Junk Mail Folder too.junksmall

You can make sure that email from your trusted clients and colleagues never goes into the Junk Mail folder again by Clicking on the email message in the folder and then clicking the Not Junk Mail Button.

Then just choose “Always trust email from” and it’s all done!

Sliced Bread Content Management

Sliced Bread is a seriously easy to use website content management solution. Called Sliced Bread because we believe it’s the best thing since sliced bread for managing your website.

Sliced Bread allows you to easily:

  • Add new web pages;
  • Edit web pages;
  • Upload new files;
  • Upload and publish images;
  • Manage an entire professional website without fear of breaking it and limited technical knowldege

And it does all this from a standard computer with a web browser and an internet connection. The software sits on your web server so there is no screen_monitertwodownload or software for your own computer, which means you can change your website content from almost anywhere in the world.

With Sliced Bread you can have a professional website that multiple people can manage without worrying about consistency between pages or sections.

Sliced Bread Version 6 Launched September 2008

Sliced Bread Version 6 has been launched with a host of new features and a whole new design.

Sliced Bread the easiest to use website Content Management tools has now been made even easier to use.add page

Included Modules

Sliced Bread CMS now includes the following modules as standard:

  • Forms Manager for creating web to email forms;
  • Directory Password Protection (Subscriber Management) for protecting parts of your website;
  • Random Images & random Quotes;
  • Sliding Images; and
  • Improved Mailing List Integration.

A new wizard has been included so you can insert dynamic menus, dynamic pages and do more with your website!

Read More about Sliced Bread Version 6

Test Drive the New Version!

If you would liek to test drive the new Sliced Bread use the following details:

A demonstration account with the user level of Webmaster has been set up at:

Password: 45678hgt

Contact Us on 1300 730 560 to discuss upgrading to the new version of Sliced Bread today.