11 Billion Reasons to Sell Online

11 Billion Reasons to Sell Online

Australian Consumers spent over 11 Billion dollars last year online

Is your website selling or failing?


11 Billion Reasons to sell online

According to the National Australia Bank, Australian’s spend on average $500 each a year online, and the total online shopping bill is now in excess of $11 billion dollars a year.

Without a doubt eCommerce is here to stay and it is affecting traditional bricks and mortar businesses.

We are being bombarded with stories of retail doom and gloom, with in store sales almost dead, or business are closing up shop because of the ‘economic conditions’.

Traditional retail might be dead, but eCommerce is Booming!

But these stories are not representing the true nature of Australia retail, they only represent the old guard of bricks and mortar who have not yet embraced online shopping.

e-Tail, eCommerce, mCommerce are booming and businesses are growing across the country. But too many operators are missing out because they are simply not online or their website and eCommerce strategy are woefully inadequate.

Every retailer needs a high quality website selling online

A few years ago I was talking with the editor of a small business magazine and we were discussing small retailers. We both agreed that every retail business should have a good high quality website and the ability for customers to purchase online or the consumers will simply go elsewhere.

Fast forward five years and Online Shopping is exploding. Consumers are spending money in an unprecedented fashion online, but still many retailers are not taking advantage of this revolution.

More than just a store front

These days it’s not enough to just have a website, you need a mobile strategy, a social media strategy and an App strategy or you will be left behind.

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